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Sailing in Spain | Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Spain

Sailing in Spain | Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Spain

Sailing in Spain | Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Spain

If ever there was a country with the perfect coast for sailing, it is definitely Spain. Its wondrous beaches, bays, coves and numerous moors and marinas are simply calling out to you and the rented boat of your choosing. It is good to know that Spanish weather is so temperate that you can literally
sail all year round. Even the Sun itself had settled for a permanent residence in Spain. Let’s not forget that this is the country that is home to fiesta and siesta, so you’re bound to have fun there. Just imagine yourself on a boat poniendo rumbo hacia Europe’s most adventurous country, sailing with the wind in your hear and a sangria in your hand.

Now stop imagining and just do it. Visit our website, search through listed boats, rent a boat you deem most suitable for your needs and make this dream come true. During your stay in Spain, all you’ll have to worry about is sunbathing, diving, and gazing at the picturesque scenery from the deck of your boat. And the fun continues when you land, for Spain’s marine resorts (and there are plenty) offer all sorts of sports activities. Those who
love a good challenge can take a stab at windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, parasailing, or power boating. Those who prefer activities that are a tad less risky can try sailing, kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving. The beauty of Spanish marine resorts is bound to stay with you forever! Don’t worry about equipment, everything is taken care of.

Now, eh, where to go first? The breathtaking beaches of the Mediterranean coast bathed in sun or the tranquility of the Mar Menor? The oh so famous Barcelona with its unique sights? The wild and passionate Andalusia? Wherever you go, you’ll find fully equipped marine resorts and lovely towns and villages to visit. Ride those waves and begin your voyage, feel the freedom of this heavenly
experience, because Spain was made for sailors.

Some of the most popular destinations in Spain are listed below. Let’s just say we have prepared a tour from Barcelona all the way down to Málaga, having in mind the beauty of the Spanish eastern coast.
Barcelona is a must-see if you’re visiting Spain. The city is simply iconic. You’re gonna want to drop the anchor for at least a couple of days to see its many attractions. Barcelona has numerous marinas for visitors, a lively artsy and music scene, and is for good reason a very busy tourist destination during the summer. Unfortunately, the tourists themselves are often an attraction to pickpockets and bag snatchers. Keep a good grip on your assets and you’re good to go.
As Catalonia`s vibrant capital, Barcelona is a stunning seaside city that flaunts its beauty and sunny, happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Its remarkable scenery, breathtaking architecture, as well as outstanding cultural attractions make Barcelona a truly alluring destination. The year-round balmy Mediterranean climate only adds to its charm. Barcelona prides itself with the atmospheric medieval neighborhood,
the Barri Gòtic, which has a near-magical old-world ambience, but the city as a whole is actually more famous for its modernist architecture. Antoni Gaudí left an everlasting mark on Barcelona with his avant-garde surrealist buildings, several of which are listed as UNESCO world heritage site.
After all the sightseeing, you will want to relax and soak up the city`s joyous vibe. Stroll down La Rambla, where many locals hang out. The best way to really get to know a city is to enjoy it as locals do. Escape from your worries to the long, sandy beaches near the harbor, and try out various local specials on outdoor terraces. Discover hidden town squares, where street musicians strum beautiful chords on their Spanish guitars. You’ll see delightful surprises at every turn.And be sure to visit the famous and truly unique Basilica de la Sagrada Familia and the wavy and somewhat quirky Casa Mila, Gaudí’s renowned masterpieces of architecture.
After you feel like you really got the gist of Barcelona, hop on your boat and continue your sailing adventure.

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Before heading to the next grand city of the Spanish coast, Valencia, stop by Sant Carles de la Rapita halfway between Valencia and Barcelona. This place was a famous fishing port at the mouth of the Ebro River which has seen major development through becoming a small, so typically and charmingly Spanish marine holiday resort. The harbor is very well sheltered, with a widely praised MDL marina.
This is a useful stop ashore or afloat for those that would like to rent a boat and cruise the Balearics next. Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, but we’ll get to that rambunctious place later on.

Next stop: Valencia! This magnificent and vibrant city is famous for being the birthplace of paella, without a doubt the most internationally popular Spanish dish. You simply have to try this delicacy while you’re in Valencia. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and it has the largest inner city urban park in Europe – the famous Turia Park, which actually used to be a river.
Climate in this area is great all year long, with just two months of what we would consider winter in sailing terms. Valencia is one of the most enjoyable cities in Spain because it is a melting pot of diverse culture, cool architecture and exciting nightlife. The sports activities in Valencia are budget-friendly, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on snorkeling and the like. And trust us, there are a lot of underwater nature treasures to explore. It is worth knowing that Valencia has the cleanest pebbly beaches of all larger Spanish cities.

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Those of you who like to have fun can charter a yacht and visit the nearby island of Ibiza, home to some of the best parties in the world. It is widely known for the lively and loose nightlife in Ibiza.
Town and Sant Antoni, where major European nightclubs have summer outposts. Techno festivals in Ibiza are held on a daily basis. In Ibiza, you can bathe in the sea and then bathe in champagne.
After the hangover of your lifetime, you’re probably be in the mood for some quiet time and relaxing. Set sail to the island’s quiet and dainty villages, yoga retreats and beaches, as well as serene sandy coves backed by pine-clad hills which can be found all around this coast.

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Do not miss the opportunity to sail to Mar Menor, a lagoon which you can enter with your boat through a canal. This lagoon is something out of this world. Its form is that off a sandspit and is rather interesting to look at. This spit is closing off a large bay. This deep blue lagoon is ideal for fans of diving. Just beware, the plenty jellyfish that live there might want to keep you company.
After enjoying yourself in Mar Menor, make sure to visit Cartagena, which is not far off. Cartagena is a thriving modern city, one of Spain`s hidden gems and main naval bases. You’ll find it to your pleasant surprise that there are not a lot of tourists there. The typically Mediterranean, old-fashioned narrow streets of the old town are packed with bars and restaurants. The best time to sail to Cartagena is during the Easter Fiesta, the International Nautical Week in June and the music festival in July.

Now, prepare to set sail for the biggest, oldest and most magnificent part of Spain - Andalusia.
This giant and wondrous region covering the south of Spain is known for its passionate and
temperamental folk, lively and impressive local musicians and traditional Spanish dances.
We recommend you sail along the rocky coast to explore the city of Almería, which perfectly
combines imposing historical beauty with modern charm. All of the sightseeing attractions, shopping hubs and gorgeous museums and plenty of diverse attractions are bound to intrigue every type of traveler. The dominant figure and the ever-watchful protector of Almería is the fortress of Alcazaba.
It gives the whole city a certain vintage ambience. After sightseeing, head to the dark sandy beaches of this port city and have a swim in the deep, clear blue sea.

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And now, a cherry on the top of this voyage. Sail to Costa del Sol, which is everything but soulless.
Situated between mighty cliffs, this heaven on earth is home to Spain’s most beautiful sandy
beaches, surrounded by palm trees. After a relaxing day at the beach, show of your tan on the wide streets of the port city of Málaga, with a radically rethought port area. Experienced sailors are going to appreciate all the advancements in the port. This city is brimming with a sort of youthful vigor, proudly showcasing both its multi-layered past in
form of historical buildings, as well as urban architecture. The city that was noble enough to give the world Picasso is teeming with art galleries, it has a nascent art district called Soho, hence the lively art scene. Málaga was indeed never lacking in energy: its Spanish-to-the-core bar scene could put bags under the eyes of an experienced partygoer, while the food culture is so rich that you’ll leave Málaga at least ten pounds heavier.

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So stop looking for excuses not to live your life to the fullest, rent a boat and visit this beautiful Mediterranean gem we like to call Spain.