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Best Way to Experience Elaphiti Islands - Dubrovnik Boat Rental

Best Way to Experience Elaphiti Islands - Dubrovnik Boat Rental

Best Way to Experience Elaphiti Islands

The Elaphiti islands are a natural paradise of closely clustered islands. Located between Dubrovnik and the Peljesac Peninsula on the north, this popular Croatian destination got its name Elaphiti from a Greek word “Elafos” meaning deer. The name has a fascinating significance as in the ancient times; the island was inhabited by a large population of deer; hence Elaphiti islands are also known as the Deer islands.

With a cluster of thirteen islands on the archipelago, Elaphiti Islands provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the Croatian island life, enjoy the scenic view of pristine nature and embark on an adventure for an exciting experience.

The best way to experience the Elaphiti Islands and island-hopping to its inhibited closest islands (Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan) is through a boat tour as they are all car-free and you can enjoy a relaxed summer holiday. The boat trips are very flexible, and you can choose from a variety of full-day, half-day or multi-night stay tours.

The Kolocep island is the closest one from Dubrovnik and is famous for its Blue Cave. It is ideal for a swimming and snorkeling experience in the hidden cave that illuminates with sun rays entering it. On the island, there are hiking trails, that lead to cliff-top with stunning views and beautiful sand and pebble bay to relax and enjoy.

The island is surrounded with pine trees making the bays ideal for swimming and relaxing under the sun and shade of the trees.  This island is excellent for families to enjoy the island life and it also has a lot of child-friendly cafes around too.

The Lopud island is the most popular of islands for its beautiful and sandy Sunj beach. This island is entirely car-free and a must-visit island if you’re traveling with family. A 15-minute walk from the village to the opposite side you reach the Sunj beach, a famous beach with locals and tourists alike.

For a scenic view of the island, take a ½ an hour trails uphill to the Old Fort in Lopud and enjoy the stunning views. There are a lot of water-front cafes and restaurants on the island for light meals and refreshments.

The largest of the three islands is the Sipan island, with old homes and churches and tranquil bays. The island has two fishing villages that are worth exploring and learning about the fishing tradition in the region. While there are no sandy beaches on the island, there are tranquil bays ideal for relaxing and swimming. The coastline here is rocky which makes it suitable for kayaking and snorkeling.

All the three islands on the Elaphiti island archipelago provide a unique expereince to day-trippers and island hoppers. If you plan to visit all three islands in a day, it is ideal to rent a boat from Dubrovnik for the best experience of all three islands.

If you wish to have more adventure on the Elaphiti islands, then the best way to experience it is by booking a private boat tour with a skipper who can take you to the hidden spots where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

For a more thrilling experience take a kayak tour to explore the islands. The best time to visit the Elaphiti islands is summer May or June or September when the weather is excellent, and the islands are less crowded.