InstaBoats | Discover Šibenik and Its Wonderful Surroundings by Boat

Discover Šibenik and Its Wonderful Surroundings by Boat

Discover Šibenik and Its Wonderful Surroundings by Boat

Discover Šibenik and Its Wonderful Surroundings by Boat

Šibenik is the capital of the Šibenik-Knin County, a region located in the north-central part of Dalmatia. Your first association with the word capital is probably some big city teeming with people. Well, Šibenik isn’t that kind of capital. It is a quaint, old-fashioned little town full of life and tales from another time. Its architecture is astounding, as well as its unique atmosphere. It checks every box on your typical old-town-must-have list: there is a beautiful fortress, Šubićevac, loads of old churches, narrow cobble streets and monumental buildings made of stone.

The development of the marina Mandalina and repurpose of military facilities into nautical facilities have given a twist to Šibenik’s tourism. More and more people have started coming each year to see this versatile town with their own to eyes. Rent a boat of your choosing and see what is it that attracts so many people to this place.

Sailing into the port of Šibenik is an experience to remember. If you decide to arrive at Šibenik by boat, you normally have to pass between two small islands, Zlarin and Prvić, and continue through the channel of Saint Ante.  Upon entering the waters of the channel of Saint Ante with your boat, you will see the lighthouse on Cape Jadrija on your left and the impressive fortress of Saint Nikola on your right. During the day, you can enjoy sightseeing, for Šibenik is a city rich in culture and history. Be sure to visit the imposing Saint Jacob’s Cathedral, which has become home to many cultural events over the years.

The city's night and festival scene is getting more and more exciting with each year. There are a ton of modern bars, as well as vintage inns and restaurants.

For families with children it is ideal to visit Šibenik at the end of June, when the famous International Children’s Festival takes place.

When it comes to Šibenik’s beaches, we highly recommend you sail to the Solaris resort. It is a dreamy pebble beach in a resort decorated as a little Mediterranean heaven.

What makes Šibenik a top destination is not only the city itself, but also the surrounding places which you simply have to visit.


Sail to Skradin in the blink of an eye. This unique settlement is ideal for those who want to see Šibenik’s surroundings, but don’t have that much time on their hands.

Your sailing experience will start in the bay of Šibenik, after which you will go further towards the mainland by passing under the Krka Bridge. Soon enough you’ll arrive at the point where the sea meets the river. While you’re sailing through these sweet & salty waters, your eyes will meet numerous high and imposing steep cliffs molded by the very river beneath you. If you decide to go for a swim in the nearby lake Prokljan, you will notice that the water is sweet on the surface of the lake, mixed somewhere in the middle of it, and salty at a greater depth. This is the reason why this lake is so full of life from both sweet and salty waters. If you consider yourself a fisherman, Skradin itself is not only a place where you can leave your boat whilst exploring the National Park Krka. It is a charming, vibrant little town where you can eat like a (sea) God.

Having explored the town of Skradin, you can take a short boat ride to the National Park Krka, or leave your boat in the port of Skradin and go to the Park by foot or by bike. The National Park Krka is literally out-of-this-world – under the magnificent waterfalls of the Krka River you’ll feel like you’ve visited another realm.


The Island of Murter is the heaven on sea for those who love to sail. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge to a place called Tisno. However, since it is a top destination, the traffic on the bridge can get pretty wild. To avoid the traffic jams, rent a sailboat and travel to one of Murter’s three beautiful marinas: Hramina, Betina or Jezera. Each of these towns has docks and piers intended for tourists that arrive by boat. You can also drop the anchor before reaching the coast and enjoy swimming and diving in the clear, deep, azure waters of Murter.

Murter has a very indented coastline, meaning that there are many bays and beaches. That is what makes it so appealing to tourists. The most famous beaches are on the southern side of the island, which is not so exposed to the whims of the wild bora wind. The waters around these beaches are shallow.

Slanica is the “capital“ beach of the island. It is located on the southern side of the island. Slanica is one of the most popular beaches due to its natural beauty and many contents it offers. The beach is very tourist-friendly and the water is not so deep, making it ideal for children, non-swimmers and people who simply like to kick back and soak in the sun while lying on a floatie.

Čigrađa beach can be described as a combination of sand and rocks. It is not so crowded, which makes it suitable for those who seek peace and solitude. It is surrounded by majestic pines and it looks like a beach out of the Robinson Crusoe novel.

Podvrške is a beach covered with white sand and tiny pebbles, which give the sea a beautiful light blue color. The beach has a view of the Kornati Islands, also known as the Kornati National Park. Sailors with stamina might decide to take on a challenge of cruising this archipelago that seems untroubled by the comings and the goings of the modern world.


Party animals can charter a yacht and sail into an unforgettable party experience in Vodice. This Valley-style little town just a little north of Šibenik is ideal for those who want to go clubbing and dance their bottoms off. The town's riviera is known for its large palm trees and numerous cocktail bars. The clubs in Vodice are open all night long during the summer, and the atmosphere is wild.

You can also throw a party on your yacht – if you do so in Vodice, you can be sure you'll have many attendees.


The hidden gem of the coastline around Šibenik is the Boxer beach right outside the settlement of Primošten. It is situated in a dreamy little bay, which is perfect for both swimmers and divers, since its waters are not so shallow. While the fishermen in the group dive around the giant rocks in search for dinner (there are plenty of fish in that sea), the rest of the group can relax on the pebbly beach and take a swim in the clear, fresh sea.


You cannot go wrong if you decide to rent a boat and visit at least one of the places we have recommended. We can guarantee you'll make memories for a lifetime.