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Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Sicily

Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Sicily

Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Sicily

We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: rent a boat and sail to Sicily, the Italian island widely
known as the home of The Godfather and exquisite natural beauty. Sicily is the largest island of the
Mediterranean, situated at the meeting point of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. It’s a true paradise
for adventurous holidaymakers and sailors at heart, a place where the myth of the ancient reality
continues to live on. Sailing in Sicily will give you the opportunity to wholeheartedly admire the
archaeological and artistic heritage of the various people that left their mark on this extraordinary
island, as well as a chance to meet the truly amicable and jovial local people of Sicily. And is there
really a better way of exploring this wondrous place than renting a boat and sailing all over Sicily?
Α sailing trip in Sicily normally starts in one the island’s big cities: Catania or Palermo, where the
airports connecting Sicily with Italy and the rest of Europe are located.

Palermo is the ideal starting point for your boat tour, since it is the capital of Sicily, as well as its
biggest city. You can set sail in Marina Villa Igiea (Acquasanta), which is ideal both for large luxury
yachts and for smaller boats – it’s a modern marina equipped with all the necessary amenities for
sailing in Sicily. Other options nearby include Balestrate, with over 200 berths of different sizes and
Motomar Cantiere del Mediterraneo, with berths for boats up to 30m. Before setting sail, don’t miss
out on visiting Palermo’s Palatine Chapel, built by the Normans and famous for its magnificent
Byzantine mosaics. Departing from the marina you will be able to admire the splendid view of Mount
Pellegrino and Mount Catalfano, the two mountains overlooking the city, like a father and a
godfather. If you happen to have more time on your hands, take the opportunity to sail to the idyllic
La Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, a natural reserve that includes several secluded beaches, some of
which can only be reached by boat.

Continue your boat trip westwards to one of Europe’s up-and-coming sailing destinations, the
Aegadian Islands. Untroubled by the comings and the goings of the world, this group of small islands
includes Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo. Favignana stands out as a hidden gem waiting to be
discovered by sailors coming in Sicily. You can drop the anchor at Circolo Nautico Favignana in the
very centre of the island, or explore some of the island’s truly beautiful beaches, such as Cala Rossa
and Cala Rotonda, and the breathtaking Grotte del Bue Marino.

On the way back from the Aegadian islands you’ll sail back to Sicily, docking at the port of Marsala, a
quaint and picturesque town just a little south of Trapani. The local marina has like 200 berths and is
capable of taking up large vessels. You can charter a yacht without worrying where to dock it and
head for this Sicilian port. On your way you will have the chance to admire one of the most romantic
places in Sicily, the famous Saline di Lagune, a salt mine between Trapani and Marsala. Take a
picture with the old windmills and the stunning sunset in the background and post it to your
Instagram or frame it.

Agrigento is a place you should definitely visit if you sail in Sicily. It’s home to the Unesco World
Heritage Site of Valle dei Templi, where you can see witness of the most splendid remains of Ancient
Greek architecture. Porto Embedocle is the city’s harbor; it was named after the famous Greek-
Sicilian philosopher Embedocle. It is vast as its namesakes’ mind: the harbor is actually a large
commercial port so it’s always busy, particularly in the summer, but it’s deep and safe enough for
large vessels.

After seeing Agrigento, take your boat to Licata. If you are sailing with a sailboat, have in mind that
the prevailing wind in this part of the Mediterranean sea in the summer is a mild southwest wind of
force ranging between 3 to 5. The town of Licata is home to one of the largest and most well-
equipped marinas in Italy: Marina di Cala del Sole, with around 1,500 berths intended for both small
and rather grand vessels. Marianello is probably your best choice when it comes to the surrounding
beaches, but definitely not the only one – The Guardian recently proclaimed Licata as home to some of Sicily’s best beaches.

If you prefer simplicity and solitude, go to the deck of your boat and enjoy
the splendid view of the local lighthouse, one of the tallest ones in Italy and all of Southern Europe.
Your next stop can be Sicily’s brightest ancient gem: Syracuse, the city of brilliance, splendor and
adventure, where both the famous mathematician Archimedes and the legendary Sinbad lived many
centuries ago. The city is situated near two nature reserves: Plemmirio Marine Park, where dolphins
and whales are a normal occurrence, and the protected zone of Vendicari, a breeding ground for
loggerhead sea turtles, some truly interesting beings. If you are sailing in Sicily you will have the
brilliant opportunity to explore one of the island’s brightest gems: the island of Ortigia, also known
as the Old City. It’s the historic centre of Syracuse and home to some of the city’s most important
landmarks, such as the vast Piazza Duomo and the Temple of Athena. From the deck of your boat
you can feast your eyes on Castello Maniace, the place from which, as the legend says, Archimedes
set fire to the Roman ships using a giant mirror.

Located just a day’s walk from Syracuse, in the eastern part of Sicily, Catania is the island’s second
biggest city. With the infamous Etna volcano in the background, this ancient city represents the
epitome of Sicilian culture and history. It is not a bombastic statement to say that Etna and Catania
are exquisite and one-of-a-kind. Your mooring options include Porto dell´Etna and Porto Rossi,
closer to the centre of the city. The city prides itself in some of the greatest prototypes of Italian
baroque architecture, such as the old local cathedral.

Wherever you go while on Sicily, you cannot go wrong. The island is teeming with natural wonders,
exquisite archeological and architectural sites, as well as good old fun. Rent a boat and sail to the
warmhearted Sicily yourself.