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Bareboat Charter Split, Croatia

Bareboat Charter Split, Croatia

Bareboat Charter Split, Croatia

If you are an adventure lover, and want to explore Croatia then the best way of exploring the breathtaking coastline is by renting a boat or yacht charter. It will be an experience of your lifetime, the reason of renting a boat or yacht charter is exploring the hidden bays, beaches and much more. It is obvious that you cannot own each and every thing in the world, such as you might not own a speedboat, a boat or yacht but you really want to enjoy this adventure. You have the easy option of renting one, making the day memorable for you and your family.
In case you do not know much about renting a boat or yacht at Croatia, here are few tips that can definitely help you out in making the decisions.

How are you going to book the bareboat yacht charter?

First of all you have to choose your destination, such as Dubrovnik or Split area. As soon as you are done choosing the destination, you have to think about the type of sailing boat you are required for your adventure. It totally depends on your preferences, you have to visit our website in order to get the best advice about the type of boat. The customer service will give you all the required information as we are here for your convenience. You can directly contact the booking office, or can visit us online to solve your queries. When your queries are settled, you will be required to pay advance for the purposes of reservation and when you will pay the rest you will be provided with a boarding pass. You have to mention the time of your arrival in order to let us create a schedule for you. The necessary details of the crew will be taken in to consideration such as the license number of the skipper, names along with surname of every member of the crew, date of birth and the number of passport.

Required Documents:

For the bareboat charter in Croatia, you are supposed to have a valid license for sailing, along with your passport 
•    You have to check-in at our office in order to make sure that we complete all the paper work for you beforehand.
•    You will be provided with the original documents of the boat, in order to provide safety. There will be a guide given to you on the weather forecast that further hassle can be avoided.
•    We will be required to check your original skipper license.
•    The payments to us can be made either in cash or through credit card.
•    The crew list will be confirmed along with necessary details, we will be giving you a brief on the tourist tax that you are supposed to pay.
•    We are here for your convenience due to which we will be explaining our support line to you. Necessary advices will be given to you.

As soon as the procedure of the documentation is done we will move towards the technical check in. This will start at 17:00 where you will have to follow the check-in procedure that requires the client to sign the list of technical equipment’s provided to them along with the signature of sailing staff. We have the options of skippered yacht and skippered catamaran in Croatia which allows you to live your dream. We are here to make your holiday a memorable one with our rental services. The skippered boat is mostly preferred for a group, it can be family or friends. This is only suitable of the people who are going to rely on the skipper for performing the sailing responsibility and they just want to chill in the yacht. In this case the skipper license is not mandatory.

List of best sailing places in Croatia:

If you already do not know, then Skradin is basically a locality along with a port. It is situated at the right bank of Krka River, which is nearly 16-17 km from the north of Sibenik. 

This is known as one of the most attractive destinations for the tourists in Dalmatia. It is basically a small locality situated on the Adnatic coast. The streets there are narrow, there are hotels named as Slava Zora and Raduca in the north. If you go towards the south side, Marina Lucica hotel is situated.

It is known as the second largest city of Croatia and is famous among the tourists as the heart of Dalmatia region. There is a sheltered harbor, surrounded by the old town. There is an open sea and many islands to go for endless adventures. Split is the first priority of the tourists when they come for sailing in Croatia because it is the best charter destination. The tourists can reach here from the way of islands, named as Korcula, Vis and Vis.

Necessary information about Croatia:

1.    As far as the climate is concerned, while bareboat you can expect the climate according to the fact that the coastline is 5790 km long. There are almost 1242 islands along with reefs. The amount of inhabitated islands over there is around 47. The climate is generally Mediterranean, if we talk about the summer season then the temperature stays 25-32 Celsius. The temperature of the sea stays in between 5-15 Celsius normally but in summers it goes around 22-25 Celsius. 
2.    The salinity is said to be around 38.
3.    If you are considerate about the currents, then the noted average at Croatia is 0.5 knots, but it can for sure reach up to 4 knots near the mouth of the river. 
4.    The amplitude of the sea tides is small. 
5.    The day light in the summer season is between 6:30-20:30 hour

If you are looking for the best services regarding the bareboat charter, Split Croatia, yachts, sailing boats or catamarans, then you should contact our booking office and start your desired adventure in minutes. We are sure that you will never regret hiring our services!