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Brac and Hvar ( Boat Rental & Yacht Charter)

Brac and Hvar ( Boat Rental & Yacht Charter)

Brac and Hvar ( Boat Rental & Yacht Charter)

Brac and Hvar are Croatia’s largest islands. These two islands are like brothers, when it comes both to their proximity and similarity. They are both filled with beaches and bays that you can explore by boat.

Brac is somewhat closer to the coast. Ideally you can set sail from Split or Makarska, and it won’t take you long to reach the island Brač. If the word Brač rings a bell, then you’ve probably heard it in the context of the famous Zlatni rat beach (Golden Horn) near the city of Bol.

Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful and spacious beaches of the Mediterranean. By virtue of its particular shape it is also one of the most exceptional beaches in the world and has been recognized as such by many world-renowned magazines.

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The beach is situated less than a mile away from the lovely town of Bol. If you decide to drop the anchor in the port of Bol, you can take a stroll on the charming promenade from Bol to Zlatni rat, along which you will stumble upon many other small beaches. The promenade is almost completely in shade, thanks to the magnificent pine trees towering over it. This fascinating and long white pebble beach has a truly unique shape that makes it look like a giant tentacle that stretches far into the crystal clear sea. The area of the beach is so enormous that it can welcome over 10.000 people at a time. What is also peculiar about this beach is that its shape and length vary, depending on the changes in tide, wind, and current. On occasion, the tip of the “tentacle” of the beach rotates to such a great extent that it forms a small pool. Zlatni rat beach is famous among adrenaline junkies and those who like to spend their time windsurfing. The ideal wind in those windsurfer’s sails is the strong breeze called Maestral, which occurs on a daily basis.

The beach also has a lot to offer to families with children and young adults. We are referring to activities such as beach volleyball, parachute rides (for an amazing and adrenaline-filled view of the beach), jet ski rides, banana boat rides, water park activities and plenty more.

If you feel like hiking, go and see the nearby Vidova Gora, the highest peak of all Croatian islands. The breathtaking view upon arrival at the peak is worth the lengthy and strenuous walk to the top.

Boat rental hvar and brac

Not far away from Zlatni rat you can enjoy the perks of Borak beach and go scuba diving, play tennis or volleyball, or have a taste of the wonderful local cuisine at the Borak Beach Restaurant. There are rental motor boats nearby that you can rent and explore plenty of other secluded beaches surrounding the city of Bol.

Boat rental hvar and bracWhen it comes to surface, the largest places on the island of Brač are Pučišća and Supetar, rich in cultural and historic heritage. Sail to Pučišća, where you can enjoy swimming and water activities in the crystal clear sea guarded by the beautiful big bay. Pučišća is an ideal place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Its architecture is surreal: walking around this quaint place with all its white limestone will make you feel as though you are walking through clouds.

Supetar is the biggest settlement on the island of Brač, and also the island’s capital, so to speak.

Boat rental hvar and bracIts old stone houses and streets seem to have stood the test of time. You can dock your boat in Supetar’s port and explore its wonders and surrounding villages by foot. Be sure to visit the glorious parish church of Saint Peter in Supetar. We also recommend you take a short walk from Supetar to Mirca, a delightful old village of olive growers and farmers. There you can explore the beautiful rural architecture and local vegetation, but also take a break from sightseeing in one of the glamorous beach bars.

Perhaps the most dazzling bay of the entire island of Brač is the one pertaining to the settlement of Milna. You can get to Milna by catamaran from Split in the blink of an eye, since its deep bay directly faces the Split Channel. This fisherman’s village is very popular among sailors all around the world. It’s really worth your while to charter a boat and take a trip to this magnificent bay. Since its waters are so deep, it is perfect for diving. Milna is ideal for a wind-free getaway, being as sheltered as it is.

You can also ask the local fishermen for fishing advice and enjoy a relaxing and calm boat trip with a freshly caught meal!

In order to sail from Brač to Hvar directly, you are going to need an enduring vessel and a steady hand. The Hvar Channel that connects the islands of Brač and Hvar is known for the strong currents, and filled with many reefs, which makes the navigation pretty difficult and dangerous.

Boat rental hvar and bracIt’s much safer to sail to Hvar from the coast. Rent a boat at the coast and go with the less dangerous flow!

The island of Hvar is the king of all Croatian islands. It has been known since the ancient times as an important nautical and strategic point. Due to its mild climate and wonderful scenery, Hvar is a very popular summer resort. Hvar is teeming with vast fields of lavender, ancient olive and pine trees and vineyards, as well as impressive ports and beaches. It’s a dream destination for all tourists, especially sailors. Since its roads are usually steep and old, it is better and safer to explore Hvar by boat than by car.

Charter a yacht and visit the island’s capital, the city of Hvar. This “white city” is best known for the Saint Stephen’s cathedral at the magnificent and spacious main square. The whole port is surrounded with giant palm trees, so prepare yourself for taking a ton of Insta-worthy pictures!

There are a lot of vintage local inns in the city, where you can try all sorts of high-quality homemade wine and food, while at the same time listening to local performers and the old songs of the islanders. Hvar is also filled with top-notch nightclubs and cocktail bars for all the merrymakers who park their yacht in the port.

If you feel like having a real adventure, take a boat excursion to the Paklinski Islands from the capital. These small islands are scattered around the sea in what looks like a heartbeat line, and are abundant in sunny beaches, restaurants, and marine wonders. They are literally out of this world.

Scuba divers are going to have a blast exploring their many reefs and peculiarities.

For sailboat lovers, the port of Jelsa will seem like a perfect haven, or shall we say heaven.

It’s a little town known for its welcoming sailing port, colorful houses and magical sunsets.

From Jelsa you can sail to the hidden gems of the island of Hvar, such as Ivan Dolac, Sveta Nedilja and the like. They are ideal for those who want to get away from the crowds and just relax in the shade of humongous pine trees or bathe in the sun on quaint pebbly beaches lapped by the crystal clear sea. Sveta Nedilja is very steep, so it is ideal for the tourists that want to stay in shape.

All in all, you cannot go wrong if you decide to rent a boat and explore the wonders of the island of Hvar.