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Rent A Boat Split, Croatia

Rent A Boat Split, Croatia

Rent A Boat Split


Croatia is one of Europe’s most spectacular sailing grounds with more than 1,200 islands around the Adriatic coast. It is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous places on earth with countless island, westerly Mistral winds, and stunning waterfalls, as well as the welcoming towns and captivating sailing destinations.


The Historical City Of Split

One of Croatia’s best places is the breathtaking city of Split.  Split is the second largest city, and a mix of modern and ancient history with ruins dating back to Roman Empire, a busy and full of life waterfront and fresh seafood served daily at the numerous restaurants across the city.


The remarkable city is nothing short of a living museum, and you will know it once you walk around the old city and Diocletian’s Palace, the living legend built in 305 AD by Roman Emperor Diocletian or Klis Fortress, location of famous show Game of Thrones, overlooking Split. It offers a rich history to experience with old stone ledges overlooking the sea, rich taste in art and music and obviously the charming architecture.


Enjoy the Finest Wining and Dining in Town

Enjoy Croatia’s most exquisite wine or delicious fish and sea food between Riva and Marjan Peninsula. Climb the Marjan hill and take a great view of the city and Riva harbor. Riva harbor welcomes you with its palm trees, colorful building, and views out to the Adriatic Sea.


Home to Spectacular Island and Sunny Beaches

Split is one of the best locations to start a boating experience because the most famed islands are just a short sail away. Hvar is home to the sunniest beach of Croatia, where the sun seemingly never sets, it is a perfect location to relax and take a break. On the other hand, Korčula and Brac are gifted with the most transparent waters in Europe.


Bay of Krk’s is breathtaking, with its rocks and the silence of amazingly peaceful waters creating the perfect setting to harbor your boat. As well as to enjoy a day of bathing and diving. The city is also home to the majority of the biggest marinas in Croatia.


Best Boat Rental

When visiting Split, you can't really experience the best it has to offer, unless you take a Boat Rental. Our Split boating experience allows you to enjoy the beautiful historical sites, fascinating calm-blue waters and explore stunning islands, all on an invaluable sailing experience.


Our fleet offers well-equipped sailing yachts, jet skis, motorboats, and vessels fit for your every need, style, and a splendid experience on the clear-blue waters of the Croatian seas. If you don’t have the necessary expertise to pilot the boat that you want to rent, we also offer skippered boat rent.


Our team ensures that you are accompanied with the best sailing courses, itineraries, and recommendations on the most reasonably priced tours for the ultimate sailing experience that you have always dreamed of. So, check on our offers of boat rents, along with all their characteristics and prices. You will find a wide selection of speed boat, rib boat for rent to book your dream boat and discover the wonder of the Adriatic for yourself.