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Event 750 | Fishing Boat charter Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

With Captain
4 Persons
Fishing Boat
Check In - Check Out:
09:45 AM - 06:00 PM

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Price from: 400.00 €

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Fishing Boat Charter / Excursions Dubrovnik, Croatia

Exclusive "one-time" experience to explore the perfectly clear Adriatic sea , discover the best fishing spots and learn local fishing techniques crafted through the centuries.

Adria Event 750 2003. (4+1 pax), 7,5m, Volvo Penta 105HP, max. 24mph, cruise 14mph, shower, kitchen, fridge, toilet, CD/mp3, Wi-Fi, GPS, Helix 9 MEGA Fishfinder, bimini

This exclusive sport fishing excursion is an enjoyable experience where
you can learn about the fish in the Dubrovnik region, discover the Croatian
fishing methods and catch your own fish and enjoy it as dinner.

Boat Rental & Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

In order to set sail for Dubrovnik, you will need a boat that checks all your boxes. When
choosing a boat to rent, you have to bear in mind the type and length of your marine journey, the
number of people on deck, as well as your personal preferences.

Fishing Boat Charter - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Built exclusively for fishing, fishing boats come in different shapes and sizes. The immediate qualities
of this type of boat include stability, strength, and durability which are mandatory to survive the
fishing ventures across various kinds of waterways. Fishing boats can be both manned and un-
manned. Properly equipped fishing boats for all purposes generally include features such as a front
bow, rod lockers, a trolling motor system, an outboard power and live wells. They are strong-built in
order to withstand saltwater and harsh conditions. Fishing boats are true troopers when it comes to
enduring storms and all sorts of adverse weather and sea conditions. If you want to try
Dubrovnik’s local fish and and seafood free of charge, rent a fishing boat and catch your dinner!

Boat location

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  • 105hp
  • 1
  • 12kt
  • 20kt
  • Diesel
  • 220l
  • 100l
  • 7.5m
  • 2.65m
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1


  • shower


Noahme Noahme
Went with my two friends on a Marjan's boat to go for a fishing trip. We wanted to try jigging around Sv. Andrija Island (St. Andrews Island) and ended catching several medium sized fishes. The day was perfect and would do it again!