About Us

A platform for the rental of all types of vessels in Croatia.

Instaboats - we fulfill all your wishes and meet all your expectations. Sail around the world with us, and let us be the wind in your sails!

Instaboats offers a wide range of various vessels to rent, providing an ideal platform for all the admirers of the sea.

For all those who love to explore natural wonders, both in the sea and on the coastline…

For all those who love to sail and feel the breeze in their hair…

For all those who love to sail and want to get in touch with the vastness of the sea usingall of their senses.

Instaboats is a platform for renting all types of vessels in Croatia and the whole wide world. We offer our clients the possibility of finding their ideal vessel. Together with our partners, we do our best to offer everyone what they need in order to create their own perfect vacation.

Instaboats rents out jet-skis, scooters, kayaks, speedboats, yachts, sailing boats, catamarans and all other possible vessels with a single purpose of providing you with the opportunity to navigate the sea and transport passengers.

It can be tough to navigate the sea of information that's out there these days, but not on our site; and it doesn't have to be tough to navigate the sea itself!

Not only do we offer a wide range of vessels, but we also provide you with the necessary skippers, crew, additional equipment and anything you deem necessary for a calm, pleasant and relaxed navigation on the sea.

Sailing can be a life-changing experience. Take sailing through Croatia, for example. Due to its indented coastline and numerous islands that are bound to take your breath away, Croatia is one of the most interesting countries when it comes to sea navigation. Croatia's unique synergy between the power of land and sea is something that everyone should and can witness. Various cliffs, rocks, bays, coves and different types of charming beaches you shall stumble upon during the voyage make for an interesting landscape, pleasing to the eye, as well as the ear; the sound of the waves that you cut through with your boat is fascinating and magnificent, to say the least. Once you board the boat we assign you, we can guarantee you will experience wonders no other means of transport could possibly ever offer to you. Since we offer a great choice of vessels to our clients, there's something for everybody. We attend to every taste thanks to our dedication and readiness to find a perfect vessel for every client, i.e. future sailor.

If you want to enjoy a luxury cruise, sipping cocktails and relaxing under the warmth of the sun, we got you.
If you want a low-key, old-fashioned sailing trip during which you can give fishing a go, we got you.
If you want something in between, whatever it is, we got you. Just tell us your desires and we will find a perfect fit for your voyage.
We will take care of both the vessel and the crew.

We turn your dreams of renting a boat into reality. To top it all, we don't take commissions or fees when it comes to your trip! Once we find the ideal offer for you, we connect you directly to the owner of the vessel, with whom you make all the necessary arrangements regarding the dates and cost of your trip. Of course, all of this goes through our website and we are here to help if you have any further questions.
Consider us an intermediary between boat owners and travelers. We are at your disposal for any additional information.
Our platform also enables you to contact the registered boat owners via chat at any time!

If you have always wanted to have an unforgettable experience with your family and friends out on the sea, this is your chance. Make exceptional memories to pass on to generations and generations!

Instaboats aims at fulfilling the expectations of all our clients and we have continuously proven to be successful in it.

Be a part of our story. With our assistance, create new stories to tell. Opt for a perfect vacation, because you deserve it. Opt for Instaboats.