Dubrovnik Boat Rental and Yacht Charter

Dubrovnik Boat Rental & Yacht Charter

Dubrovnik Boat Rental and Yacht Charter

Embark on an experience of a lifetime by renting a boat or yacht charter as you explore the hidden bays, beaches and the spectacular coastline of Dubrovnik

Rent a Motor Boat

Add a bit of adventure and fun to the trip and rent a motor boat and Island hop on the Elaphiti archipelago, take a swim or bask in the sun on the sandy beaches and explore Dubrovnik in a different style with an experience of a life time.

Yacht Charter 

Charter a Yacht and spend the day exploring the Dalmatian coast on a beautiful, comfortable and luxurious yacht.  Enjoy the stunning views of Dubrovnik’s old town from the sea, visit the blue caves in Elaphiti Islands, explore the beaches, take a swim, snorkel and experience the Croatian food on the island restaurants. Experience the magical sunset and relax and enjoy trip

Sailing Boat Charter

Charter your perfect sailing boat and safely sail around the Dubrovnik city walls. Experience the beautiful Dubrovnik charter sailing routes in a unique way, visit the town of Ston and enjoy tasty oysters, or sail to the Elaphiti Islands, the famous sailing spots on the Island of Korcula and enjoy its sandy beaches and vineyards. Or simply book a sailing boat tour to your favourite destination and enjoy your holidays. 

Catamaran Charter

Charter a Catamaran in Dubrovnik for an ultimate sailing experience. Built with two engines, this is the best choice for sport sailing on the sea. Their stable, spacious and safe structure allows easy manoeuvring and it can easily anchor in shallow waters.  As it is spacious it is great for a holiday experience with family and friends. Enjoy the breath-taking views of Dubrovnik as you sail on a catamaran. 

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