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InstaBoats - Boat Rental and Yacht Charter

Embark on the experience of a lifetime by renting any type of boat to your heart's desire in order to explore the hidden bays, breathtaking beaches and all the other natural treasures that the spectacular coastline of Croatia has to offer.

Thanks to us, yacht chartering has never been easier! Our website directly connects boat owners and adventure seekers, providing a platform for boat rental that includes a diverse offer of vessels and sailing experiences. You are just a few clicks away from making all the necessary preparations for a boat trip to remember. You won’t need to spend countless hours in search for your perfect boat. Just pick a location and start your vacation!

After clicking on the desired location, you will be offered a great variety of vessels to choose from. The vessel you decide on will get you to the location. If you are worried about the price, let us stop you right there – the size of your paycheck will not determine the size of your experience! There is something for everybody, and our website is full of affordable options and boats. Whether you want to go all in or travel on a budget, we got the perfect offer. When you click on a boat that suits your preferences and budget, you will be directly connected to the boat owner, with whom you can make further arrangements.

Sailing is a challenge you have to accept, at least once in your lifetime. Nothing ad-ventured, nothing gained! Your trip can be both relaxing and daring if you decide to, for example, rent a speedboat and set sail for the Elaphiti Islands, a small and charming archipelago northwest of Dubrovnik. There you can go for a swim, bask in the sun on the sandy beaches and explore the magnificent landscape. While you’re there, be sure to visit the Blue Caves – they will take your breath away.

It is one thing to visit Dubrovnik and the surrounding sites via land, and a completely different thing to get there by boat.

A flight of fancy might be an unrealistic idea, but a boat ride of fancy surely isn’t! Rent a motor yacht and spend the day exploring the coast of Dalmatia on a beautiful, comfortable and luxurious yacht. Enjoy the stunning views of the coast and Dubrovnik’s Old Town from the sea, explore the beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, snorkel and get a taste of Croatian foods in numerous top-notch local restaurants. Experience the magical sunsets while enjoying your relaxing, yet adventurous trip.

Charter your perfect sailing boat and sail around the Dubrovnik City Walls. Discover the beautiful Dubrovnik charter sailing routes from a completely unique point of view, visit the town of Ston and enjoy tasty oysters, sail to the Elaphiti Islands or one of the famous sailing destinations on the island of Korčula, which is full of sandy beaches and vineyards. You can also simply book a sailing boat tour to any other destination you may find attractive and enjoy your holidays. Croatia’s natural treasures and a properly organized boat tour are the main ingredients of the recipe for the vacation of your dreams. And we are here to make those dreams come true.


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