Experience Croatia – Adventure around Dubrovnik

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Experience Croatia – Adventure around Dubrovnik

Croatia is becoming a popular tourist destination owing to its location. The long and beautiful coastlines with thousands of Islands is what has made Croatia, Europe’s most popular coastal destination and a touristy holiday spot. 

Apart from its beautiful coastline and islands Croatia offers delicious cuisines, the cities rich in history and cultures, the quaint towns and the famous Medieval port cities like Dubrovnik

The UNESCO world heritage location has spectacular attractions to make everyone’s experience worthwhile. 

From the most scenic seaside towns, classic bistros, sandy beaches, and beautiful vineyards, Croatia offers the most terrific experiences; it is the premier sailing destination and a must-visit place for every travel enthusiast. 

Best time to visit Croatia

The best time to visit Croatia is the peak of summer months July and August. These are the high months that attract most tourists as the temperature is ideal for sailing, swimming or basking in the sun on sandy beaches. 

The shoulder months - May and September are also the perfect time to visit Croatia as the sea is still warm and it is less crowded and a great time to enjoy the sunny skies and beaches. 

The colder months from October to April is the time when there is very less tourist, most of the beaches are closed; however, it is a great time to experience skiing or the local life at Dubrovnik.

Unique ways to Adventure around Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in Croatia and is also one of the most photographed places. Known for its rich cultural heritage, history, islands, and beaches, it is one of the most favorite places of tourists in Europe.

The city offers a variety of attractions to be experienced, every nook of the city is worth exploring. The city is famous for its old medieval town and walls, adding to its popularity is the location for the filming of popular tv show Game of Thrones. Take a tour of the city by walking along the city walls, visiting the churches, villages and old town, the rich history and architecture of the city is truly inspiring.

Dubrovnik’s location is ideal on the Dalmatian coast allowing it to offer even more excursions and attractions for the tourists. 

Sailing around Dubrovnik, taking boat trips and exploring the islands in the area is a must-do thing. Here are some of the unique ways to adventure around Dubrovnik for more fun and exciting experience.

Kayaking Tour

Explore Dubrovnik in a unique and adventurous way. Go on a guided kayaking tour on the sea waters and Lokrum Island and explore the hidden gems the city has to offer

Sunset Cruise

Make a memorable, romantic and truly magical holiday experience on a sunset cruise. See the sun dip in the sea as the sky changes into beautiful colors, all while on the sea waters on a private boat. 

Summer Festival

The summer festival in Dubrovnik from July to August is worth visiting as the locals showcase an artistic display of plays, dances, art, and concerts for an ultimate entertainment experience as you explore the old town.

Cable Car

For the most stunning view of the city of Dubrovnik and the most magical sunset, take the cable car to the top of Mount Srdj. Enjoy the city views and the view of the Elaphiti Islands from the top.

Park Orsula 

Park Orsula is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of the old city of Dubrovnik. Take a walk along the sea for the spectacular views along the way and explore the neighborhood.

Gundulić Square Market

Experience the local life and buy gifts and snacks by visiting the only open-market in the city, the Gundulić Square Market. The market offers local Dubrovnik products for tourists like candied arancini, dried figs, lavender bags, candied almonds, handcrafted souvenirs and different types of liqueurs.

Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has the most stunning and picturesque beaches; it’s a tourist attraction for beach lovers and water sport adventurers. 

While some of the beaches are lively and crowded, others need a bit of exploring and sailing to experience the true beauty of hidden islands and coves.

If you want to adventure on the Dubrovnik beaches, consider taking an outdoor adventure with Speedboats kayaking tour to the most beautiful Islands, the Elaphiti Islands, and Lokrum. 

Swim, snorkel or cliff jump and experience the turquoise blue waters inside a cave.
The must-visit beaches in Dubrovnik are:
Banje Beach

The popular sandy beach is a short walk from the Old Town. It is a tourist attraction for the beach is sandy, has water sport attractions like jet skis and inflatables, and there is also nightlife on the beach as there are many bars around. 

Another similar beach around is the Copacabana beach that also offers many water adventure activities like Kayak rentals and parachute rides.

Sveti Jakov

This is a cove below the cliff and is one of the favorites of tourists. It can be accessed by taking almost 150 steps down the cliff. 

The beach enjoys the longest of the sun as it stays warm there until late evening, it has beautiful views of the old town, the beach is a part pebble, part sand and has a bar and a restaurant. For a great time on the beach, beach beds can be rented.


Šulići is one of the cleanest beaches in Dubrovnik. It is a short walk from the Pile Gate. There is not much shelter around the bay here, so expect rough waves.

Lapad Beach

The Lapad beach is most easy to access, family-friendly and the largest beach in the town. There are many activities for kids, like water slides, trampoline, and inflatable water toys to keep them entertained. 

There are many cafes, bars, and hotel around the place and sports facilities for a great beach experience. 

Best Day Trips from Dubrovnik

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on the best day trips from Dubrovnik for an ultimate experience. 

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is just a 15-minute ferry ride away from the old city of Dubrovnik. Take the ferry or for an adventure Kayak from Dubrovnik to Lokrum. Spend the day exploring the beautiful Island and the famous Game of Thrones spots, the gorgeous botanical gardens or simply take a refreshing swim in the most natural waters of the Island. 

Elaphiti Island

Take a sailing trip to the most spectacular archipelago and visit the three popular Islands Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. On the island experience the scenic beaches, charming villages, citrus gardens, pine, and olive forest and old churches.


Cavtat is a small harbor town quite similar to Dubrovnik and only a 45-minutes’ drive. The small town offers old town charm, shops, cafes, a waterfront promenade, and swimming spots.

Mljet National Park

Book a tour to Croatia’s greenest Island and experience the famous big and small lakes. Visit the St. Mary’s church and Benedictine monastery on the Big Lake. The biggest attraction of Mljet is the national park that includes lakes, forest, sea area, cliffs, and small islands.

Experience Croatia and adventure around Dubrovnik by booking a tour with instaboats. 

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