6 Amazing Boat trips / Excursions in Dubrovnik

6 Amazing Boat trips / Excursions in Dubrovnik

6 Amazing Boat trips / Excursions in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has garnered much popularity recently and has evolved as a famous tourist attraction. A beautiful coastal city along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s Rivers, popularly known as “The pearl of Adriatic” offers a myriad of attractions for tourists, beach lovers, island hoppers, adventurers and culture seekers. It’s ideal location, the spectacular seafront on the Dalmatian Coast along with unspoiled beaches, historic city center, casual bistros is what makes it a worth visiting place. Designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik is one of the most photographed cities of Croatia and is a refreshing alternative to other European seaside destinations. Dubrovnik offers a unique mix of experiences for its visitors from cultural activities and festivals to boat trips and excursions to the most beautiful Islands. 

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is from spring to fall, when the temperature is just perfect to experience the most spectacular sunset, lounge on the beach, sailing and island hopping, jet-ski, Snorkelling or kayaking.

To make the most of your trip to Dubrovnik here are six amazing boat trips and excursions that are not to be missed

1. Tour the Elaphiti Island

Elaphiti Island is a small archipelago on the west of Dubrovnik that’s a makeup of thirteen large and small Islands. 

Out of all these Islands, only three Islands:  Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan are inhibited, and they make for a perfect Island-hopping boat tour exploring the beautiful beaches and charming villages. 

Explore the beautiful coastal scenery on a boat tour.
Kolocep is the most popular Island, famous for its Blue Cave, which is a truly unique experience as the sea cave is illuminated with electric aqua light making it a spectacular sight. 

The beaches here are a mix of sand and pebbles, ideal for basking in the sun or a nice swim. Other tourist attraction in Kolocep is the Chapel of St. Anton. 

Sipan is the largest Island in the archipelago with stunning beaches, tranquil bays, and old homes and churches. 

Lopud and Kolocep are both care-free where Lopud has more touristy attractions as it offers casual cafes, medieval churches, botanical garden and friendly residents. 

Another popular stop on the tour of the Elaphiti Islands is the Sunj beach which is just a 30-minutes’ walk from Lopud port and enjoy one of the rarest and the best sandy beach in the region. 

The Elaphiti Island boat tour is the best way to enjoy sailing and island hopping while also escaping the hustle bustle of the city and relaxing in the most scenic seascapes. 

2.    Sunset Cruise

A truly unique way to experience Dubrovnik is by sea. Catch the most gorgeous and memorable sunset on the magnificent sea on a private cruise from Dubrovnik.

The most romantic and relaxing experience is on the sunset cruise when you’re in the company of your favorite person, on a calm sea, sailing through the most scenic routes and witnessing the sun dip below the horizon. 

Nothing compares to being so romantic and beautiful than watching the sun and the sky changing colors, cursing on the sea as a professional skipper makes your evening worth it.

The sunset cruise is an amazing way to experience Dubrovnik as you sail through the views of old city walls, the famous Grebini lighthouse, Lokrum Island and other nearby Islands and the magnificent Adriatic coastline. 

A speedboat with a dedicated skipper is all you need for a truly romantic sunset tour. It is ideal for celebrating special occasions or just to experience the sunset on your holiday and make it a memorable one.

3.    Game of Thrones Cruise

Another hot spot at Dubrovnik is the location where the hit tv show Game of Thrones is filmed. 

Add an exciting boat tour to the most famous and incredible world of Game of Thrones on both, boat and walking tour. 

Experience the action-packed tour and re-live the show scenes as you sail through the King’s Landing and all the places where the show was filmed. 

Take a walking tour and explore the walking sites of the famous Game of Thrones sites in the walled city of Dubrovnik. 

Sail around the city on the Adriatic Sea and witness the grandeur of the city and enjoy the experience of being the part of the show by visiting the spot where famous scenes were shot. 

4.    Kayaking Expedition

Dubrovnik has so much to offer; there are so many mini Islands, hidden coves and secret bays slightly off Dubrovnik’s coast that are worth exploring by taking a kayak

To experience an adventure, spend a full day at the sea on a kayak expedition, exploring the Elaphiti Islands. 

Take the best and fully equipped Kayaking gear and head out to explore the beautiful, hidden caves and natural stone arches. 

The water there is perfect in the summer for water activities like take a swim, cliff jump at the green grotto a secluded and hidden place and enjoy the fishing experience at one of the Islands. 

The sunset experience while Kayaking back to the start point is mesmerizing, the sun changing colors as you kayak under the walls of the city is beyond beautiful. 

This is the best option for adventurers who are looking to explore more than exploring the city. 

5.    Snorkeling on Lopud

Spend the day Snorkelling on the Elaphiti Islands. It’s another fun activity to do when in Dubrovnik that cannot be missed. 

This excursion would be the most memorable one from the trip to Dubrovnik. The Snorkelling experience through the most beautiful underwater caves is awe-inspiring.

Lopud is the ideal location for a swim or Snorkelling and is the most tourist-friendly places to relax and enjoy at the beach. 

However, for adventurers, the best experience Snorkelling experience is under the hidden cave that is lit with a beautiful fluorescent blue color as sunlight hits the entrance of the cave. 

The sight is breath-taking and would be the highlight of the trip. 

6.    Jet Ski Safari

Experience Dubrovnik in a completely different way with a Jet-Ski Safari. Explore the scenic views of the coastline as you go a thrilling adventure. 

Enjoy the access to nearby Islands, caves, and cliffs for a beautiful experience of the city. Jet Ski is the most thrilling and refreshing experience, very different from the city sightseeing. 

The natural beauty of Dubrovnik is best explored with the Jet Ski sightseeing excursion. The ideal location of the Adriatic Coast makes it suitable for water sports, easily rent a Jet Ski, take safety briefing and explore the beautiful place at your own pace. 

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and delve into a refreshing sight seeing experience that is definitely worth having on the trip to Dubrovnik. Whether you’re a professional or not the Jet Ski safari is for everyone to enjoy and make unforgettable memories. 

Dubrovnik offers amazing experiences from history and city sightseeing to some of the most scenic boat trips and excursions to its beautiful Islands and beaches. 

There are several operators offering boat tours in Dubrovnik, for the best, hassle-free and the truly enjoyable experience book a boat tour with instaboats - a trusted service provider of Dubrovnik boat excursions. 

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