Opatija Attractions And Boat trips

opatija boat trips

Opatija Attractions and Day trips

Opatija is Croatia’s oldest coastal town built around the 19th century. It enjoys the long tradition of tourism in the region dating back to 1844, owing to its excellent location on the Adriatic Sea. This seaside resort is known by various names such as the “Queen of Tourism,” “the Pear of Adriatic” and the “Old Dame.” 

A town well-known as a health resort back in the day, Opatija has continued to maintain its natural environment to the present day. The town is surrounded by spectacular nature, well-kept gardens, pristine beaches, grand spa hotels, best restaurants, and a 12-km long seafront promenade, Lungomare that connects the two villages of this town, Volvsko, and Lovran.

The town of Opatija offers a beautiful experience as it is surrounded by charming villages and rich history. The town provides a pleasant contrast between sea and mountains, luscious parks, the blue ocean, historical monuments, beautiful, comfortable modern hotels, spectacular destinations for excursions and delicious food. Everything combined is what makes Opatija and its surroundings an attractive destination for vacations and holidays. 

Best Time to Visit Opatija

Opatija bustles and thrives with tourists all year through. For more than 170 years this enchanting town has been welcoming visitors, and it continues to be an attractive tourist destination.

The weather in Opatija is similar to typical Croatian visit all around the year. However, based on the activities and excursions you’re planning on your trip to Opatija, the best times to visit may vary.

The summer months July and August are the warmest here. Months from June to September are ideal for swimming as the weather is warm and enjoyable. The coldest month in Opatija is February which is basically an offseason too. From September to December it’s the rainiest months. 

The ideal time to visit Opatija is from May to September. The weather during these months is nice and warm and suitable for swimming and beach holidays. Summertime is the peak tourist season in the town. However, to avoid tourist crowds and enjoy the beach time in Opatija the best time to visit are the month of May, June, September and early October when it’s still warm. 

Events in Opatija

The seaside resort, Opatija is not only an attractive tourist destination based on its beautiful natural landscape, but it’s also a vibrant town full of entertainment and events for its visitors around the year.

The long traditional International Carnival Parade kicks off the string of events in Opatija Rijeka area. This is followed by a Month of Wellness in March. Opatija has long been known as the wellness and health tourism destination hence in the entire month series of wellness events are carried out offering relaxing massages, fantastic facial and body treatments, calming aromatherapy and relaxing baths for an ultimate wellness experience.

From May to September, the peak tourism months numerous entertainment events take place in the town that includes concerts, film shows, folklore all in the beautiful Open-air theatre and Arts Pavilion for an enjoyable entertainment experience. 

There are also end of year winter events in Opatija such as the Christmas market, chocolate festival and ice magic offering visitors a unique ice skating and holiday season events experience. 

Apart from the traditional events, there are numerous other events, shows, and festivals in Opatija that attracts tourists all year through. 

Opatija Attractions – Places to Visit 

Opatija is rich with must visit places. The town boasts outstanding architecture from the Habsburg period that is evident in its townhouses and villas. This wellness oasis attracts tourists for both relaxation and adventure. 

In Opatija, the visitors are spoilt for choice as it offers a range of beaches, pristine sea, modern facilities, and delicious food all in one region.  Here are some of the top places to visit:

Angiolina Park – Villa Angiolina

The park is a luxurious haven of exotic plant variety brought from different parts of the world. This well-maintained park is not only beautiful but also has must-see places like the Swiss House, Music Pavillion and the oldest Villa – Villa Angiolina that was built around the year 1844. It was once the place of entertainment for the elites but now serves as Croatian museum of tourism. 

Lungomare (seafront promenade)

A walk along the 12-km long coastal promenade, Lungomare is a very romantic experience. On the walk, one can see and admire the beautiful architecture, magnificent villas and admirable historical monuments honoring the local history of Opatija. 

Historical Churches

Opatija has preserved a lot of historical architecture and significant places. The most significant religious landmark is the Church of St James that was built in the 15th century. Another religious landmark built in the 20th century is the church of Annunciation that features a very unique architectural style.

Maiden with Seagull

The most famous statue of Opatija is a sculpture of a girl with her hand stretched out to the seagull at sea. The statue was built in 1956 and is located on the rocks of Kvarner bay overlooking the sea. This statue is known as the symbol of Opatija. 

Opatija Boat Rentals and Day Trips

Opatija enjoys a great location on the Adriatic, which means it provides a unique combination of day trips both from the sea and land.

While one day tours by car are a great way to explore the seaside towns like Porec, Pula, Rovinj and also a bit of adventure with hiking on the hilltops and experience of Istrian vineyards and olive groves, another exciting way to explore the region is on a boat trip.
Our boat rentals and specialized boat services provide a unique experience exploring the Opatija Riveria, the islands and lakes. Enjoy a memorable experience of a lifetime by renting a boat or yacht charter as you explore the islands, beaches and the bays in Opatija.

Add a little adventure to the trip and rent a speedboat for a spectacular experience on the beautiful islands and the magical lakes. For a more relaxed and luxurious tour its ideal to plan your journey on a motor yacht and if you’re looking for an authentic sailing experience, then the sailing boat is an ideal choice to explore the Opatija Riveria in style. 

When in Opatija, day boat trips are the best experience of the seaside town, enjoying its historical architecture and scenic view. Plan your day tour and visit these beautiful places on your trip:

Brijuni islands 
This is a full-day sightseeing tour of the beautiful and natural islands, Brijuni National park, cultural heritage, and beautiful Mediterranean parks.

Plitvice lakes
Visit the most spectacular and beautiful Plitvice lakes. The lakes are a magical world which comprises of 16 lakes with crystal clear turquoise water with over a hundred waterfalls. 

Island Krk
Enjoy a boat ride to the most interesting Island which is also Croatia’s longest island. Enjoy the scenic views, medieval town, beach, and the seafront promenade.

Island Cres
The Island provides countless opportunities to explore unique bays and coves. 

Opatija Riviera boat tour
With this boat trip, experience Opatija and the Kvarner Bay in an exciting way. 

Istria tour
Enjoy a boat tour exploring the beautiful Opatija coast and enjoy the town exploring its historical architecture, parks, and food. 

Opatija is a great town with a lot of sights, attractions, cultural heritage and trips for visitors to enjoy this coastal town.  

So, start planning your holidays to explore this enchanting town of Opatija.