Dubrovnik Boat Rental

Dubrovnik Boat Rental & Yacht Charter

Dubrovnik Boat Rental

Boat rental (Dubrovnik) starts with your desire to experience and enjoy the natural wonders
of the Adriatic, whether you wish to rent a boat to visit one of the larger Croatian islands
such as Hvar, Brač, Korčula, Vis etc. or simply sail to some of the smaller islands and reefs
scattered along one of the most indented coasts of the world.

Dubrovnik is one of the most magnificent places you may roam across and it checks all the
boxes of an ideal port for setting sail for adventure. After taking off, your back will be
guarded by the walls of a city rich in history and in culture, while the path in front of you will
be filled with excitement and awe upon seeing the heart-stirring Croatian landmarks.

Renting a boat is an ideal opportunity for fans of sailing and exploring pristine
nature, while it is also a great option for all people who yearn for peace and quiet, or those
that are simply starstruck with the sea and wish to discover its many wonders. The thousand
islands that adorn the indented Croatian coast represent a thousand reasons why boat rental
should be an option for anyone who decides to visit Croatia and Dubrovnik and try their
hands at sailing.

If you have a skipper license, you can rent a boat and decide in which direction
that boat will take your vacation. This is an excellent choice for all those who just love to sail
the ship themselves and hold the ropes in their hands. You don’t need a skipper license to opt
for an active vacation or a relaxed, secluded vacation. For those who do not possess a license,
there is the option of boat rental with a skipper. The skipper will readily listen to your
instructions and demands and take you to your desired destination.

Boat rental is a great choice if you want to dine in local restaurants on one of the nearby
islands or simply swim along the shore of some of the most wonderful secluded beaches, far
from civilization and life at a hurried pace, which you left behind when you decided to go on
this trip. Don’t hold your dreams back, rent a boat – you’ll have the remaining 300-
something days of the year to live in a rut.

Depending on the boat that you decide to rent, Instaboats will meet their obligations to you
and do all that is needed in accordance with the type of the rented boat (yacht, speedboat,
catamaran, bay boat, jet boat, skiff…) so that you can kick back, relax and enjoy your
voyage on the sea without a worry in your mind.

Take a look at our boat offer. Chartering has never been this easy. We are certain that you
will find exactly what you need!

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