Boat Charter In Split For A Perfect Vacation

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Boat Charter In Split For A Perfect Vacation (Croatia)

Split is one of the largest cities located in Croatia. Despite being one of the largest cities, the beauty of Split is admirable. It is something the eye has never witnessed before. The beauty of Split speaks for itself through the beautiful Islands and Beaches around it as well as its amazing infrastructure.


Moreover, the weather in Split is also very great. It's mostly windy out there, and the breeze from different beaches makes it even more splendid.


Split lies on the eastern shore Adriatic Sea. It is completely safe to travel for foreigners even during the night hours. This makes it a perfect vacation spot for the summer.


Culture wise, Split is also a rich place to visit since it has been the capital of the Roman province Dalmatia. Split has remained from its earliest civilizations. However, the Islands and Beaches in the boat rides are the top draws for Split.


Islands and Beaches In Split


As said, Split is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Croatia. It is surrounded by different beaches and Islands as it lies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.


It is pleasing to visit Split on foot, but what's more interesting are the Split boat rides or taking a vacation on a boat in Split.


You may consider the rent a boat Split facility when in Split because of the amazing experiences it provides as it takes you down to different beaches and Islands in Split—thus giving you the best tour around.



You can take a relaxing ride on the boat to different beaches in Split. Split has both pebble and clear sand beaches that are on near distances from each and can collectively be visited through boats.


The Bacvice beach with shallow waters is a great beach to visit on hot days. You can even go to Bacvice from there and take a little tour. This beach is quite crowded, and there are some of the best parties going on.


As you stroll from Bacvice Beach, you will come across the beautiful pebble Ovcice beach. It is a perfect family spot because there's a playing area for kids. This beach is also good for couples. The Firule Beach, just 5 minutes across, is also a perfect family beach.


Visiting these beaches all together in a boat is an experience worth enjoying. There are also places to stay at night.


Znjan beach is famous for its crystal clear water and is one of the most popular resorts for families as well as couples. Further moving towards the east, you will find the village of Duilovo with its small and all-natural beach.


If you further carry on on a boat, you will find an ancient Greek colony called Stobrec, which also offers amazing beaches.


As you move towards the south of Merjan Hill, a beautiful forest hill and a great beauty symbol of Split, you will find Jezinac beach. It is a very quiet and isolated beach. You will also find Kastelet or Obojena Svjetlost just a few minutes across. It is a great lover's sight. The beautiful light it shows in the night is a sight worth seeing.


You can witness all these sites with the help of a boat. Renting a boat in Split is easy without services!


Rent A Boat In Split!


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